Jul. 11th, 2010

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Remember the very exciting Viking graveyard from Cumwhitton? The one with the very vague description of:

"The female burial to the east, sk 27, was accompanied by inter alia a collection of beads, a jet ring, a copper alloy object and various iron objects, concentrated in the head area , together with a magnificent jet bracelet , which would have gone round the left wrist, and a copper alloy belt fitting around the waist."

Yes? After e-mailing Oxford Archaeology late last year about it, they said that there were remains of seal skin attached to a buckle in sk 27. Very cool. Since then, I found a short article about the Cumwhitton finds, but it's been put online, too. So you can all enjoy the colour photos of bits of a buckle, seal skin, and the enigmatic description of "a sealskin garment that was fastened by a highly decorated copper alloy buckle."

Watson, J. Hollow Swords and Needles in a Soil Block: Unravelling the Evidence Preserved on the Artefacts from the Viking Cemetery at Cumwhitton, Cumbria. English Heritage Research News 13 (2009-10):14-16.

There's a big, green 'download' button on the left.

I'm hopefully going to get a peek, today, at:
Simpson, F. 2009. Cumwhitton Norse Burial. In S. Thomas and P. Stone (eds.) Metal Detecting and Archaeology. Woodbridge: Boydell, pp. 137 - 146.
Last time I went to the library looking for it, in the time in between leaving the house and getting to that shelf, the book had been checked out. :(

Edit: The article focuses, primarily, on the process from a metal detectorist (detective?) finding a brooch, to the archaeologists coming in and digging the place up. The two things that are likely to be more infuriatingly vague to be useful, if I know my readers, are:
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