Date: 2015-01-15 02:58 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] cathyr19355
Hi! Good to see you posting here again--and about my favorite subject at that!

Yes, the link to the main page with the PDF slide show is still not working, but your links to the various subparts are.

I've only had the chance to look at Part 3 so far, but already it's told me something important. Larsson based her reconstruction not just on the Pskov grave 3 find, but upon boat grave find 36 from Valsgarde. Is that reasonable? I have no idea, because I know nothing about Valsgarde boat grave 36. But at least it shows that she wasn't hallucinating about the precious metal thread.

That being said, I'm still less than impressed with the accuracy of the references about the Pskov find:

* "The outfit consisted of an outer dress made of patterned silk in red and blue." Nope; it was *trimmed* with patterned silk--the apron dress itself was clearly made from linen.

* "There were lined cuffs found with the dress, made from silk with a
red bottom layer, and decorative ribbons cut from patterned silk." I'm not sure what "lined cuffs" means, though I'm inclined to give her a pass here; if you don't think the shift/undergarment was trimmed with silk on the sleeve-ends, you might conclude that the finds that look like sleeve ends were (possibly) lined cuffs.

Then there are the references that are not linked to a specific find:

* "The outer dress was also embellished with exquisite lace from gold or silver thread." Certainly the Pskov outer dress was not, but this might refer to the Valsgarde boat grave find.

I'm encouraged by the statements in part 3 that the Valsgarde finds are being "documented, analyzed and catalogued." If they are as ornate as the slideshow says they are, I want to know more about them!
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