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Chrystel R. Brandenburgh. 2010. Early medieval textile remains from settlements in the Netherlands. An evaluation of textile production Journal of Archaeology in the Low Countries 2-1

Discusses pre-11th century textile finds from the Netherlands, including some fragments sewn with contrasting thread, hats sewn with decorative seam treatments, and some interesting Dublin cap-like-reconstructed headwear.

Edit: Click on the blue 'dynamic content' paperclip for an appendix of the technical textile details! Oooooh.

But, it also mentions this:

Mittens are present in two sites, Dorestad and Aalsum (figs. 21 & 22).22 In both cases coarse thick fabrics have been used, made of thin warp thick weft threads and woven with only a few threads per centimetre. The Dorestad mitten seems to have been primarily felted, which would have greatly enhanced its practicality. Both mittens were sewn very roughly with threads up to 2 mm in width.

Footnote 22 says, in part: The Aalsum mitten is dated between 700/900 AD. This date is based on associated finds.

There are colour photos, of the mittens too!

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Are you on the Yahoo nalbinding list? Because one of the members just posted a photograph to the nalbinding archives. She described it as an item that she photographed of a mitten in a museum in Ribe, Denmark. She described it as follows"
"The text below it says 'Nalbound mitten of wool; nalbinding was done from the stone age to 1800 years.' Lots of good information. I requested info from the museum, but haven't heard yet. Does anyone out there have more information on it?"

If you're not in the group, let me know and I'll figure out a way to get you the picture to look at.


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