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I'm attracted to the stranger medieval things. Like fabric mittens instead of knitted, naalbinded or leather ones. So, I'm trying to find any information about this other than a brief mention in Halds' Ancient Danish Textiles from Bogs and Burials in the naalbinding section, pg.304.

I also want to make the gloves from Moshchevaya Balka, but I want more information on that too. Ah, what is an insane costumer to do?

And, hopefully try some more complex naalbinding stitches, with the Kekomäki stockings (or mittens... nobody seems to know the position of the grave find, and the stocking idea is based on ethnology. Satu Hovi says that from talking to archaeologists that it's a mitten since it was found at the waist, see the section on the Kaukola mitten.)
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For the sake of my sanity, I'm not looking at naalbinded hand-wear right now.
This is mostly for Eastern Europe, and what else I randomly found so it won't have everything.

If anyone is wondering, the first glove on the list looks really interesting and tempting to try and make.


Gloves from Moshchevaya Balka
Gloves of Roger II, (Sicily?)
Archbishop Rodrigo Ximereze de Radas' gloves, 13th c.
Knitted glove from 15th century Riga, Latvia
15-16th century knitted silk glove
16th century glove, of Bishop Nicolaus Shimer
16th century fabric(?) glove of Queen Elizabeth
Glove of Lord Fairfax, 17th c.


Mitten from Staraya Ladoga
Mitten from Moshchevaya Balka (from
Knitted mitten from Jõuga, Estonia, 13th c.
Velvet mittens I know I've seen before:

The Kongshirden website has a lot of mittens and gloves too.

Fabric shoes for people who want an alternative to leather.

Cool pattens
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Feeling inspired, I started experimenting with sewn mittens last night. I'm making them out of blue wool, so they match my blue hood (which I finished! hooray!).

I finished my first attempt while watching TV last night, and they still need a bit of tweaking since the thumb is too small and the hand too large, but I'll sort the kinks out. (I could naalbind a pair of gloves, but I have plenty of wool left over from the hood, and the idea of a matching outfit appeals.)

Anyway, check out the weird armour-gloves on the Polish website! The topic is 13-14th century, so I assume they date from then, but they're still pretty cool.


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