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While looking for images for an utterly unrelated topic, I came across photos of that tomb that has been bugging me since 2008. (Illustrated in Polski Ubior as a sideless surcote and ruffled veil.)

It turns out it isn't Elizabeth of Brandenburg at all, but Anna Cieszyńska (ca. 1324-1367), but at least I had Legnica Cathedral as the correct location.

Here are some photos and drawings:,277712.html,277713.html (With information plaque)

A black-and-white photograph from above, by I. Panic
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Oh, how the 2008 NESAT programme taunts me! So many interesting things!

NESAT IX is out, but is a tad expensive. Might have to suggest it to a few university libraries.
(David Brown books have nos. 4,5,7,8 and 9)

Other symposiums that might be helpful:

XIV International Economic History Congress -- has most of the lectures online, quite a few are medieval but you need to search through them all. (They're all grouped by topic sessions. Session 75 is a good one. Session 30 is about Roman-era coin finds.)

The Cotton Research Project, with a bit on medieval cotton.

13-14th century siege engines in Livonia and a bunch of other articles. It's all a bit random as to what is actually there, but there is an alphabetical list of authors.

Maps of 16th century Livonia

Edit: From the State Archives of Latvia -- Publication Archive: Valda Kvaskova "Evidences of History about the Lithuanian King Mindaug in the Collections of Latvian State Historical Archives" in "Latvijas Arhīvi" 2003.2 pp.7-24
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The gorgeous V-necked gown worn by one of the mighty Livonian ladies, might be based on this Polish statue of Anna (?)

Polski Ubior suggests it's a surcote (The book isn't much more helpful since my Polish is bad. A line drawing is here.)

Edit: According to this website abour Legnic Cathedral, she's Elizabeth of Brandenburg.

Here is a bad photo of the Anna statue, I don't quite see the surcote part happening.

Anyone know of any better photos? (I can't get the website of the cathedral she's from to load.)

Some generic medieval clothing.

Polish website of reconstructed dresses, including a fantastic-looking one from the Behem codex. She has other Polish gowns here, including a few I think [ profile] luscious_purple had found in portraits.

Edit, again: The 1630 drawing of the battle of Legnica has at least one headless peasant wearing clothes.

Edit in 2013!: Correct identification of "Elizabeth of Brandenburg" is really Anna Cieszyńska. See:
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... in the middle of the night last night, I realised that I had managed to ignore one of the woodcuts I had been looking at sometime in the last week, because even though it said she was from Moscow she looked just like a Durer-Livonian-Lady.

So, I went through all of my bookmarks this morning, and concluded that I must have just been losing the plot. Not so. I realised it was Jost Amman's Trachtenbuch.

1586 'Ein fürnemb Weib in der Moscaw'
Read more... )
The third lady on the left.

Can anyone else see it?


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